Thursday, February 11, 2016

Welcome to 2016

Welcome back to my blog. Hi my name is Maia nd I go to Parkvale  School and I am a year 4. I have just joined Rimu hub but in the past few weeks it has gone really well.
I like my new teachers because they give us a level harder than what we are normally on .
I like to play netball.
My favourite animal is a horse because it is a really really  great pet to have.
My favourite colour is green and my house colour is kea which is green too.
I live on a farm but not a proper one because it is just a big property and there is orchards. I like staying on task at school.  I have three brothers and no sisters but I am the oldest.
Thankyou for looking at my blog 2016.

Here is a photo of me!


  1. I like the photo is pretty cool

  2. It's really nice to know this about you Maia!

    P.S love the photo!

    1. Thank you so much
      I like the coment

  3. Awesome story maia

  4. Great photo. Wonder how the photographer is!:) I also had now idea that you had three brothers. You did a great first blog post for 2016. :)

  5. well done maia I like how you Iksplande your sallf. from holly

  6. I loved your post Maia!You put a lot in about you just then.Your post was amazing!LOL!(:

  7. thankyou for looking at my blog.

  8. Well done Maia interesting story.
    From Chloe