Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Free Choice blog. Whitanga/ trip

Yay 1 more night until our trip starts I said. The next morning we woke up very early we got  ready to leave for a week. I was very excited and happy to get away from Hawkes Bay for a week. My Aunty is taking me and my and my three cousins. We all were still tired because it was so early in the morning. ( when we arrived) I was amazed it was so beautiful the beaches were stunningly cool. I was petrified with excitement. In the back of my mind I had a feeling we were going swimming. (We did go swimming every day) Tuesday morning we went and picked pipis. After picking the pipis we focused on finding shell that could live long.

Wednesday night we thought of going diving on Thursday afternoon. We all agreed with excitement me and my cousin Moana were getting ready for bed when I realised it is Wednesday I thought it was Monday still. ( it was very late at night). It was Thursday morning and we went picking for muscles it got really deep and I was struggling with fair because the waves were monsters.  I was really petrified . Friday we were leaving because we were heading to Tauranga for a night. ( I really enjoyed my trip because it showed me how fun other cities are and I will never regret going)   

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  2. you made a spelling mistake but the rest is wodafull
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    well done :-) <3