Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My project.

My project is Gymnastics. It is a sport that you can keep doing for ages. 
My project could be challenging because of where I can learn more about gymnastics.  I know a little bit of it but I am still working on what I know so far.

I like gymnastics and a few other olympic sports that keep me happy but I chose gymnastics because it makes me even happier. My favorite trick for gymnastics is a hand walk over into the splits. 

But for those of you  that don't know something, well, gymnastics is in the olympics and I just learnt that this year. So I just wanted to tell you guys for your learning.



Monday, August 1, 2016

Learning about Beyonce/reading task

On the first day that we were learning about Beyonce I had nothing to talk about Beyonce. When our session was over it made me go back to when I did not know anything about Beyonce but now I am going to tell you a bit of things that we learnt in about 15 minutes. So we got given 2 sides of paper the first one was called family/early life, the second one was called solo career, the third one was called awards /honour and the last one was called Destiny's Child. So we got a piece of paper and we had to write as many notes as we could and turn it into a report. But for our task we have to get into a three and make up a dance to move your body. Me and my buddies Alize & Rain haven't finished ours yet but we are working on it to make it our personal best. We have finished now and we have videoed it.

Onekawa pools.

Me and my dad and brother went  to the  Onekawa pools.
Hi guys welcome back to my blog 2016, have you had an awesome holiday? 
I did. Well I did heaps of cool things but their is one thing that I want to talk about one thing in particular that I wanted to talk about, even more than the others .

 So as we walked into the door  I saw lots of pools and it was so suprising that I got a fright. So I went into the changing rooms and got into my togs but when I got out I went down the stairs, 1234, into the pools. I felt so calm that I laid down and started paddling through the nice and warm pool. I liked the pool closest to the little toddler pool. I really like going to the pools.

Thanks for reading!!!