Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rimu hub's learning

Hi my name is Maia and today I am going to show you my learning that I have learnt so far in Rimu hub. I have joined in with the year sixes and the year fives. There is heaps of learning going on right now and I am enjoying it. This different learning is a great strategy for me to be learning because I wan't to get better at my maths and find new ways to help me do it and be more confident about it. We have workshops too. The workshops are for when you need help with your learning or to learn a new trick. My favorite learning space in Rimu is the silent room  so I can get my learning done quicker and better. My new three new teachers names are called Mrs Love, Mr Moriarty & Mrs Carr. So far they have taught really well  and I can't wait until I learn more. We also have learning buddies. My learning buddy is called Amie. We have our learning buddies for about a week. Our learning buddies are everyone to help everyone with our learning tasks. I love Rimu hub.