Thursday, June 16, 2016

My learning blog all about rimu hub

Welcome back to my blog and today I am going to share about my learning  and my new prior knowledge to figure the answers out. I like learning because it is really cool and it makes me want to learn more and more until I am older. I like  leaning so much and did you know that it is the best thing to do for me during school is learning and enjoyment.We have learning task time and we have about two to three weeks to get them done and there is about twelve tasks for us to do and I enjoy doing them.We have heaps of learning mucles and I will name most of them that we have been focusing on Managing distractions and Absorption and perseverance and that is all for today. 



  1. It's great that you are learning new things in rimu hub.

  2. Awesome job Maia!
    I love that you are doing lots of blog post's about our hub!
    I think that this post is very good. It inspires others to write posts like this too!
    You are a very good role model for others!!

  3. Well done Mya. If I was someone that new nothing about Rimu hub this would give me pretty much all the information.