Friday, October 28, 2016

Art blog post / sketching.

Hey guys,
Have you ever seen sketching like this before? Well you're about to see the awesome sketching that I have made.
 I am going to talk you guys through step by step.  I like sketching.

Steps for sketching.
You need:
1. A3 peice of paper.
2. sketching pencil
3. rubber
4. pencil.

Some tips
You have to shade on the side of your pencil not on the tip.
Also you shade best with a shading pen.
Always look at what you are drawing.

So that is all you need to make a great piece of art!.
Here is a picture of my art/ sketching.


  1. awesome sketching Maia i like the pencils keep up the great work

  2. Wow Maia I would never be able to draw like that

  3. cool work maia you did great:)