Monday, August 1, 2016

Learning about Beyonce/reading task

On the first day that we were learning about Beyonce I had nothing to talk about Beyonce. When our session was over it made me go back to when I did not know anything about Beyonce but now I am going to tell you a bit of things that we learnt in about 15 minutes. So we got given 2 sides of paper the first one was called family/early life, the second one was called solo career, the third one was called awards /honour and the last one was called Destiny's Child. So we got a piece of paper and we had to write as many notes as we could and turn it into a report. But for our task we have to get into a three and make up a dance to move your body. Me and my buddies Alize & Rain haven't finished ours yet but we are working on it to make it our personal best. We have finished now and we have videoed it.

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  1. Great post Maia. I would really like to see your video! Keep up the awesome work!
    Ruby :)